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Marketing & SEO

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Anicecommunication is a SEO and marketing agency based in Turin, Italy, with representatives in France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Central Europe, Russia, China and EAU, with a unique approach: we offer white hat only SEO and marketing best practises and no subscription fee, allowing you to reinvest your budget year after year achieving better marketing and SEO goals.

On and off line marketing services, marketing plans creation; on and off line advertising campaigns creativity and management; media agency services; promotional campaigns, guerrilla & buzz marketing.

Fulfilment services, direct marketing; contests conception, creation and management; sponsorships; product placement.

Website content optimization for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising); Keyword Advertising; Social Media Advertising.

Search engine sitemaps creation and updating; website analytics; KPI Key Performance Indicators; e-mail marketing; direct e-marketing.

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